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EBook: The Modern Data Center. A New World Full Of Options

eBook: The modern data center. A new world full of options

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The IT market is rapidly changing and evolving. Advanced technology and bright entrepreneurs have completely changed what once was a stable and quite predictable market. According to providers of market intelligence in the IT industry, half of all IT infrastructure and software will be delivered as cloud services or enable cloud services in a few
years’ time.

Everyone is talking about cloud computing and its benefits. But for most companies that has been around for some time it is not always beneficial, or even possible, to phase out your data center and move everything to the cloud. But what is it that you can do to beat the competition in these exciting times?

In the Digital Transformation Journey, you have options. You can choose to move information and applications to the Public cloud, to the Private Cloud, keep it in house, or do a bit of each. In this book, we will help you find your path. We hope you enjoy our eBook about the modern data center.


  • The Digital Transformation Journey
  • Benefits with the cloud
  • Taking the next step on your journey
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Private cloud
  • Your unique delivery model
  • Pedab is your first contact

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