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Six Steps For Moving To A Digital Operating Model In The Cloud

Six steps for moving to a digital operating model in the cloud

Moving to the cloud was supposed to be simple, right? So why are many IT managers — even those experienced in IT change — finding cloud adoption far more difficult than they expected?

One big reason is that moving to the cloud represents a new and different kind of change. The cloud involves not only IT, but also makes possible business models that were unimaginable or impractical even a few short years ago.

Complicating matters further, many organizations have realized that some enterprise applications may never move to the cloud. Instead, those applications will do best remaining on premises. Even among those that are good candidates for the cloud, there are interesting decisions to be made about what level of transformation is appropriate to potentially drive greater business value out of that application in the cloud, as well as decisions about how to integrate cloud and traditional workloads. In short, it’s complicated.

To help, here are six best practices for moving to hybrid IT:

  • Make the cloud a business decision
  • Take DevOps to the next level.
  • Before moving workloads, collect hard data
  • Get value from your data.
  • Create a cloud model that scales
  • Regularly update your roadmap

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Don’t do it alone

Throughout the process, remember that the days of one-technology solutions are long gone. These are now replaced by a myriad of technologies solutions to consider. So you need a partner to help you navigate both the technology and business landscapes, one that isn’t locked into any particular technology stack.

Much of the change will be cultural, as your organization adopts new ways of working, innovating and developing, a partner will shares lessons learned in their own journey to the cloud and how they have enabled this for other clients. A good partner can provide you with the baseline for building a hybrid-IT plan that’s effective, innovative and secure. They can also scale, helping you launch, adopt and run the transformation.

Pedab can be that partner!

We are very interested in helping you move to hybrid cloud. Among other things we offer an assessment and have a strong eco-system of partners that can help implement actions. Contact Lars Bell, 2333 7189 if you want to hear more.


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